After we've been blessed with an iOS release of Darkest Dungeon in 2017, we've still champing at the bit for a Switch release because of - y'know - human nature. Though there's no solid launch date for it yet, Red Hook Studios did have a thing or two to say regarding the imminent Switch release.

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If you can remember, we thought Darkest Dungeon was absolutely top-notch on iPad in its review, and have been waiting eagerly for the Crimson Court and Shieldbreaker DLC to arrive on the platform. On the dev's blog, they note that its porting partner Blitworks has started working on it and they'll hopefully have more to talk about soon.

In terms of its Switch release, the DLC (NOT the newly-announced Color of Madness) will be available come launch day which Red Hook hopes will be in January 2018 judging by their Twitter response. Until then, the team is still working on prepping the game for submission and will offer up more of an idea once they've entered the certification process.

We'll keep you posted when we know more.

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