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After six years in development, the beautifully illustrated puzzle game Gorogoa is finally releasing, headed to the App Store and Steam next Friday.

Gorogoa takes the conventions of the point and click - interacting with items and figuring out how they interconnect - and expands it into a journey across paintings; your screen is divided into four quadrants, with each painting tile able to be manipulated, reordered, and overlaid onto other tiles to make disparate items interact.

A closet becomes a rooftop doorway, the hallway painting of tree connects with the branches of a medieval garden, and the individuals you guide walks between each illustrations linked by whimsical logic.

As the launch trailer shows, the puzzles grow in complexity and scope as you progress, from shifting desert sands and copper mechanisms to timely trolleys and shifting shelves.

Gorogoa's thousands of illustrations and pretty puzzles will be available on December 14th for iPad, iPhone, and Steam.

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