Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is getting its first update before anyone has had a chance to have their fill of the base game - phew!

With that update comes a brand new crafting material, and plenty of challenges to jump into.

Take a look at our guide below to find every piece of furniture, their cost, how to get clothes and even more!

Christmas, candy canes and you

So the seasonal update is introducing a bunch of new content to sink your teeth into, which basically amounts to candy canes, furniture, clothes and new event challenges, and we’re going to go into each of those.

Most important for triggering absolutely everything else though, is candy canes, a new seasonal crafting material - get ‘em while you can, because you might not be able to use these for long.

As usual, you can get these by completing requests for animals, attending Shovelstrike Quarry when they’re in, and completing new Event Challenges, which are listed alongside Timed Goals and run for the duration of the Holiday Event.

Seasonal furniture

We’ve got a bunch of new furniture you can find in the “Special” section along with KK Slider’s Chair and Tom Nook’s Chair. They only require candy canes and a few hundred bells to craft each. The full list is…
  • Jingle checked sofa - 20 candy canes
  • Big festive cake - 20 candy canes
  • Mountain of presents - 20 candy canes
  • Jingle checked bed - 50 candy canes
  • Jingle checked rug - 50 candy canes
  • Jingle fence - 50 candy canes
  • Jingle snow globe - 100 candy canes
  • Festive bow tree - 100 candy canes
  • Festive streetlight - 100 candy canes
  • Festive fireplace - 300 candy canes
  • Three-ball snowman - 300 candy canes

Earning enough candy canes for items requiring 50 canes or less is pretty simple, but that fireplace and the snowman are going to require some dedication, unless you use Leaf Tickets. Even then, you’ll need loads…

Seasonal clothes

When you boot up the game and update to the Holiday Update, you’ll already find yourself with a Santa hat - nice! To earn the rest of the clothes, you need to complete Event Challenges - luckily, they’re pretty straightforward…
  • Santa pants - Complete 30 requests for visiting animals
  • Santa skirt - Complete 70 requests for visiting animals
  • Santa shoes - Craft Jingle checked rug
  • Santa shirt - Craft Jingle fence

Event challenges

The Event Challenges make things a little more interesting, and you can use them to your advantage. On top of the two Event challenges to complete requests for villagers, the rest of the challenges are all completed by crafting one of each piece of Holiday Event furniture.

More importantly are the Event challenges you decide to take on first. For example, the Jingle checked sofa requires 20 candy canes to craft, and as a reward, you’ll complete an Event challenge which rewards you 20 candy canes. Basically, you get a Jingle checked sofa for free.

None of the other challenges are quite as generous, but getting 80 candy canes back after crafting a Jingle snow globe isn’t a bad trade - and the challenges that net you Leaf Tickets are always nice, too.

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