A little while ago I told you that the piracy trolling video game, Game Dev Tycoon, was coming to iOS and I don't lie, people.

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Game Dev Tycoon is a simulation game where you've got to start up your own video game company in the 80s and work through the gaming industry's recent history to make it big. Work through hardships, try not to take reviews to heart, and enjoy the brand new features not originally available on the PC version.

Of course, playing it is one thing but learning why it came about is the seriously interesting bit. Those who pirated the game originally would quickly go bankrupt in-game due to piracy. In response these naughty folks would reach out to the devs (in real life) and ask for anti-piracy measures to be put in place.

I only wish that more games could implement this sort of divine justice to weed out this sort of poison from the industry. Sadly, even if every game had a method in place, I don't think it'd make too much of a difference. But, it's nice to watch the guilty squirm, I guess.

Grab Game Dev Tycoon (legally) on the App Store for £4.99/$4.99 now.