Been playing Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp? Yeah, us too! It’s an addictive ride, but it doesn’t explain absolutely everything you might want to know…

In this guide, we’re summing up the important questions people have been asking.

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Q: What should I do when I log in?

First talk to all of the animals you have in your camp - they’ll have either requests, or will give you something for chatting. Afterwards, travel to the other locations and complete the requests for the other animals, and check on the progress of any furniture you have being crafted.

Q: What should I do when I’ve completed all available requests?

You can either stock up on fish, insects and such, shake trees to see if anything falls out, or use a Request Ticket to get more requests added.

Q: How do I know what furniture to craft?

It’s mostly up to your own sense of style, but animals will also demand certain pieces be built. You can see when you select a piece of furniture if any animals you know “like” that item, which is a good sign you should craft it.

Q: How do I get animals in my camp?

To get an animal to come on over, you need to craft all of their favourite furniture, reach a certain friendship level, and place that furniture in your camp site.

Q: Do I have to keep an animal’s favourite furniture in my camp?

Nope! Once they’re in, you can remove all of their furniture.

Q: Do I have to keep an animal’s favourite amenity in my camp?

Nope! Once you have an amenity built, you can take it down. The level cap on your friendship level will be removed permanently.

Q: Do I need to keep an animal in my camp to improve the friendship level?

Nope! Having them close by can make it easier, but you don’t need to keep them around.

Q: How do I know which fish to catch?

You can roughly tell which fish you’re catching depending on the size of the silhouette, and whether it’s a river or sea fish.

Q: How do I know which insects to catch?

You can see insects out in the open luckily, so you should be able to tell which you’re going after from a distance.

Q: What should I spend my Leaf Tickets on?

Well, nothing! Save them for when you’re short on materials for something you really want to craft, or on special items that can only be purchased with Leaf Tickets, such as camper van paint jobs.

Q: What should I do in Shovelstrike Quarry?

There’s no real strategy here, just hit the rocks you like the look of. Make sure to invite all your friends so you can enter the quarry for free!

Q: How often do animal’s requests reset?

Animal requests reset every three hours, in GMT, that’s at 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock.

Q: How often do the shops change?

Every six hours, at 12 and 6 o’clock in GMT.

Q: I invited animals to my camp and I didn't have room for them. How do I invite them again?

When at your camp there'll be a cat head icon on the right - under Isabelle and the grid icon. Here you can tap animals to send them home, and in there place on the menu will be a + option to add a different animal that is interested in your camp site.

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