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Asmodee Digital has gone and released another game. It's fair to say that the publisher's catalogue has been swelling in the last few weeks, and now it's added a racing game to its roster. It's called Mille Bornes, and it's out right now for iOS and Android.

Rather than controlling your car with tilts or digital buttons though, in true Asmodee fashion, here you're controlling it by laying down cards.

You can play against up to three other friends on the same device, or if you prefer you can take on the AI. You've got three maps to discover, and they each add their own twists to the way the game plays.

There are special powers to throw into the mix as well. Oh, and your friends are almost certainly going to play dirty. That's sort of the point.

You can grab Mille Bornes right now for iOS by clicking here, or for Android by clicking right here.

We'll hopefully have a review of the game up on TableTap soon. In the meantime why not check out our list of other board games we'd love to see coming to mobile.