Updated November 21st, 10:18 AM - Just to keep you guys up-to-date, though the game's actually released on mobile it looks like the servers are taking a little time to catch up and go live.

Look, I know that I said Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp was coming out on the 22nd, but sometimes these things just can't wait to spring forth into the world, and spring forth it has.

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Nintendo's newest mobile title, Pocket Camp, puts you in the shoes of a camp manager. The whole idea here is that not only do you need to make your campsite just the coolest, you also need to head around the island buttering-up the residents and befriending them.

You'll also gather resources, like fish, fruit, and minerals, and trade them with the anthropomorphic lot. In return you'll get supplies to help you craft furniture for your campsite to attract more business. Win-win.

Grab Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp on the App Store or Google Play now, and happy managing.
Because we're SUPER efficient, once you've got the app on your phones we've got a bunch of tip and tricks to help you get started. Check them out right here.