Yes, it's almost time for episode three of the second season of Telltale's Batman, and things are only getting more stressful for ol' Bruce Wayne.

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*If you're not caught up with the story so far, there may be some mild spoilers ahead so proceed with caution*

After the events of episode two left us in a bit of a predicament on many sides, this next episode of Batman: The Enemy Within looks like it's forcing poor Brucie to toe an even finer line with a bunch of very dangerous people.

Having completed your first undercover mission with the ragtag group of criminals, you'll have made a choice at the end of episode two which will likely spell trouble for you in this next installment. Not only that, but an old friend has sprung up again and John Doe isn't looking so...sane. If he ever did.

Episode three, Fractured Mask, starts filtering out on iOS, Android, PC, and console on November 21st.