So you’ve just jumped into South Park: Phone Destroyer without knowing where to start, right? We’ve been there, it can be confusing at first, but we’re here to help.

With this guide you’ll know how to do battle, which cards to put in your deck, where to get more cards and more.

Keep this advice in mind when facing off against enemies and it’ll be so easy it’ll feel like a cheat.

Know your ranges

You shouldn’t just throw your units down anywhere, you need to be aware of their class, and that’ll indicate where they should be placed.

Ranged units should be in the back, for example, out of harm’s way, while melee units can be placed near the front with the Tanks.

This rule often gets forgotten, especially in online play, so keep it in mind to dominate.

Next card please

Sometimes you just don’t have the card you want in your hand, and the only thing to do in this situation is to use up what you’ve got.

Keeping some low-cost cards in your deck for this purpose is useful. You can throw down two cards which cost 2 to summon, in hopes of drawing a better card, like a Tank, afterwards.

The cards you throw down will keep your enemies busy while you charge the energy to summon stronger units.

Tanks up front

We’ve already mentioned tanks a lot and, well, that’s because they’re pretty important; games can be won or lost depending on whether you have a tank on the field.

A tank with a high health bar and an AoE ability will always help you out in battle - luckily you start with Sheriff Cartman, who is an effective tank regardless of where you are in the game.

Having two tanks on the field isn’t the worst thing to happen, either! In fact, having two tanks strolling towards your enemy in PVP can really help psych them out, causing them to waste their energy while summoning.

PVP Strategies

PVP plays out just like the solo game, but with more of a tower defense mechanic, as you’re placed on opposing sides of a field, and your main character won’t move from atop a tower of boxes.

The usual strategies apply for the most part with tanks in front and ranged units in the back, but in PVP you can put units at the sides of the field, in hopes they’ll avoid the centre, usually where the main clash takes place.

With some strategic placement, you can avoid enemy attacks and perhaps even avoid enemies altogether, directly assaulting the main enemy.

Free cards

Of course, building decks and strategies can be difficult without new cards, and luckily South Park: Phone Destroyer offers a fair few free packs.

You can check back every four hours for a free pack of cards, or earn more packs in PVP mode.

It’s a slow process, but keep getting free packs and upgrading your cards and you’ll be unbeatable.