Goodness me, it's Sunday again! How on earth has that happened so quickly? Perhaps it's the shortening days or the slightly icier weather, but at least it means it's time for the Hot Five.

It's been a mixed bag-kind of week this week. There's been some brilliant new releases, some exciting updates, and interesting sales. However, it's all about the news, kids. What've been your favourite five posts from the past seven days?

Final Fantasy XV's bite-sized

Yeah, I know it's not news that FFXV's coming in a pocket-sized, chibi edition, but something peculiar happened this week. A trailer was released showing off the game followed by the video getting pulled and pre-registration for Android opening up. What that means in term of release date, I couldn't tell you, but I have a sneaky suspicion we won't have to wait for long to find out.

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Iron Marines update's here

It's a bit of a throw-back from last week but you guys were adamant to keep this post circulating. After finding out that Iron Marines had a mid-way update on the way, we learnt on Monday that it'd actually be landing within the next few days. As of this article being written, the update's now available for you to get your mitts on so hop to it, eager gamers!

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South Park goes mobile

After finding out that the game would be launching November 9th, it felt like the time flew by before it finally landed on Thursday morning on iOS and Android. Aside from no-doubt rude and slightly line-crossing remarks, there's a decent-looking CCG buried beneath that could prove to be a fun addition for your gaming library. So long as they handle the F2P stuff properly, that is.

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Catan Stories gets digital

It warms my heart a little to find out that you guys are still HUGE fans of digital board games and that you were stoked to see Catan Legends arrive on iOS and Android. This intriguing gamebook has different levels of interaction and story-altering consequences to your actions, so it should keep you on your toes.

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Paladins Strike gets previewed

It's nice to see a preview every now and again, and this one looks like a bit of a mashup... but the good sort. Though we weren't sure initially, Jon's hands-on with the game proved to be mostly positive overall and, as he points out, we'll have to keep an eye out for its full release.

Alas it's another week over and done with and another week closer to Christmas - did anyone else just shudder? We're bound to have some exciting stuff to talk about on PG over the coming days, so do stay tuned.

Between L.A. Noire and Rocket League for you Switch lovers, and Lineage 2, Shadow Fight 3, and more, it's looking good.

Until next Sunday, folks.