Cyberpunk stories in VA-11 HALLA don't come from the gritty alleys or neon-lit streets but at the counter of the unique adventure's titular bar, when the game releases on the Vita next Tuesday.
Your bar VA-11 HALLA is a place where the downtrodden and depressed go to drown their sorrows; through your conversations with various patrons and mastery over drink mixing, you discover more about the dystopian world outside, and the problems and struggles that its citizens face.

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Mixing favored drinks lets you brighten a customer's day, letting you learn more about them and their life; your bartending skills throughout VA11-HALLA's narrative leads you along a branching story that changes based on your drink choices.

VA11-HALLA will be available for £14.99 / $14.99 on PS Vita on November 14th.