Happy Monday, one and all. It may be the start of a new week and the realism of facing another five days at work/school, but it's not all doom and gloom.

For you gamers eager for a bargain, Monday spells the day of deals and there are more than a few to choose from this time around.


This turn-based game puts you in the shoes of a humble warrior's son after bandits raided your village. Inspired by old-school strategies, the aim is to raise your own army and take your revenge against those who destroyed your home.


In the year 2107, you play as an overseer hired by El Corp to set up/run Delirium mines on Dimension LG7. After waking from your landing, many of your crew are missing and it's up to you to rescue them and build up your defense to complete your mission.

Dungeon Rushers

This 2D tactical RPG combines dungeon crawling, board games, and turn-based combat to bring you only the best experience. Manage your team, defeat the challenges, and once you're done why not have a go at building your own?

Frederic: Resurrection of Music

Follow Frederic Chopin as he takes on his foes in the form of musical duels, enjoy over an hour of animated comics, and practice your skills until you're unbeatable.

Iron Marines

From the masterminds that brought you Kingdom Rush comes the latest sci-fi, alien-fighting, space-shooting strategy game. Protect your bases by any means, recruit and train heroes, and enjoy the dozens of easter eggs hidden in the game's belly.

Kathy Rain

Investigating the strange death of her grandfather, Kathy Rain takes to her motorcycle and confronts her troubled past. Following clues left behind so many years ago, will she want to know the answers once she finds them?


Either stand up to evil lone wolf-style or team up with seven of your friends in an intense co-op mode. Take on swarms of hideous monsters, visit tons of locations, and enjoy a rich, 25+ hour single-player campaign.

Mr Future Ninja

Playing as a ninja sneaking around a corporate skyscraper, it's up to you to rescue your clan from the company's evil experiments and stop the service, Mr Future Ninja, before it can reach fruition.

Out There Chronicles - Episode 1

Set millions of years before Out There, Out There Chronicles explores the answers to some of your most asked questions, but still leaves you hanging for most of them.

Out There: Omega Edition

Having woken up in the very depths of space, you play as an astronaut coming out of cryonics and nowhere near where you thought you'd be. Throughout the game you'll have to work with whatever you've got to survive and take on dangerous adventures, facing powers both old and intelligent.

Worms 3

Take on your opponents in asynchronous battles as Worms returns with all of its dark humour and explosive action.

Waggle Words

Waggle Words is a word search with a twist - it's set inside a beehive and suitable for AR. Select words to clear the board, create chains of words for higher scores, and use power-ups to help you rearrange the letters.