In Animal Crossing, making friends with animals is the aim of the game. Well, a really nice camper van is cool too, but nothing’s cooler than making new friends, right?

Right! And in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, you will want to invite animals to your camp to stay with you, and decorate in a way that they’ll love.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through making your Friendship Level go way up, and inviting happy animals back to your campsite to stay with you.

You’ve got a friend in me

To start with, you’ll just want to fulfil animal requests as often as you possibly can. Pick up shells, catch fish and bugs, and make sure they’re satisfied.

You can only fulfil three requests each time animals show up, in addition to talking to them, both of which increase your friendship level.

Keep interacting with them until they’re finally at a level where they’ll visit your camp.

My campsite is your campsite

Now that they like you enough to come over, you need to make your camp feel like home to them, and the first thing is to craft specific furniture.

Go into your Contacts menu and select an animal. You’ll see a list of Special Requests, such as a required Friendship Level, and several pieces of furniture they want you to own.

Once you’ve crafted all of their furniture and are at that Friendship Level, you can simply place it all at your campsite and invite your animal friend around. You can host a maximum of 10 animals at your camp, once you go over that number you can freely evict and invite whomever wants to stay.

What amenities mean to me

Amenities are required to get your relationship with animals to a decent stage. Each animals has a personality type, Cute, Sporty, Natural or Cool, and they will demand amenities to fit.

Without the Cool Tent, for example, you can only go up to relationship level 7 with Cool animals. Same goes for the rest of the personality types. Further specific amenities will be required to get relationships going above level 10, 15 and up to 20.

Make sure to get amenities crafted in advance so you don’t have to worry about maxing out your friendship level with animals - if your friendship is maxed, all the requests you do won’t contribute towards your relationship.

A special request

Once your Friendship Level with an animal has reached level 10, animals will request incredibly specific items from your to place in your camp site in order to further your friendship.

Apollo, for example, wishes for an Electric Bass, while Cherry will request a Sports Car.

These are late-game furniture items, and will require plenty of materials to craft, so get ready for that… Fulfilling these requests will see your relationship soaring.

A framed picture of me

Finally, once you get to Friendship Level 20 with an animal, you’ll be gifted with a framed picture of them. Not joking.

In animal culture it seems that a framed picture of yourself is the ultimate gift to give to someone if you’re friends. Why not, I suppose.

When you get this, you know you’re that animal’s very best friend possible, and you can put the picture up in your camper van or something. Well done!

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