We recently ran a special beta test of Quantum Siege in cooperation with developer Armada Interactive and our community of mobile gamers, the App Army.

30 UK participants had just over a week to dive into Quantum Siege and fill out a survey, providing their thoughts to help Armada improve the experience. We also announced that the best participant would win an iPad.

We've now selected the winner, and would like to provide an enormous congratulations to Daniel Johnson. Daniel went above and beyond to provide the most extensive feedback, and walks away with an iPad.

The rest of you shouldn't despair though, as you're all getting a massive IAP bundle from Armada to say thank you for participating. We'll provide that to you within the next few weeks.

What's Quantum Siege?

Quantum Siege is a gorgeous 3D RTS in which you direct a bunch of heroes and support units around a 360 degree rotating map to capture points.

There are three modes of play - a single player campaign, PvP, and special events that throw the rulebook out in exchange for exciting dynamic play.

With over 250 levels of singleplayer, 16 unique heroes to choose from, and an interesting storyline, there's plenty to dig into when it launches.

What did the App Army think?

We'll now round up the best feedback we received for Quantum Siege, to help you make an informed downloading decision.

Steve Clarke

Quantum Siege has nice graphics and an interesting introduction. I enjoyed the tutorial which seemed comprehensive at the time.

I particularly enjoyed the tactical elements of taking apart the base walls and destroying defence units in story mode. It didn't feel like a war of attrition like similar games. Instead it was more like a puzzle you needed to think through to solve.

I wasn't a massive fan of being limited to 4 keys at a time in story mode though. It made me put down the game rather than continue playing losing the keys I would unlock.

Overall, I found it really fun and think with a few minor tweaks to make it less overwhelming for new players it will be great.

Daniel Johnson

My first impression of the game is that it's very easy to pick up and play and is enjoyable. The buttons are clear and the art style is great. The gameplay is fun and varied.

The spinning around the arena is the best feature and allows you to see from all areas of the battlefield. The tutorial could've shown more detail as to what to do and there could have been a few more training exercises.

Overall, it's very fun and enjoyable.


Quantum Siege appears to be another level based battler with endless circular battlefields that you just play over and over again in the hope of making progress to be able to take on the harder levels.

I see multiple currencies and timers, all designed to slow down progress whilst offering a way to pay your way forward. I thoroughly detest this type of monetisation, as it's only purpose is to force the player to spend large amounts of real money with no end game offered.

Anything you buy in the early stages will be useless further into the game meaning it's a waste of money when this is the only way of progression. Also you need to be able to skip the tutorial. I admit that I've quit the tutorial about 10 times before forcing myself to finish it so that my progress is saved.

The overall look of the game is nice and slick. Battles seemed “meh” and the tutorial in my opinion was pointless. Just telling me what to move where without any explanation is pointless and the main reason I couldn't keep my attention on completing it until I forced myself to finish it.

For a F2P game, if I had downloaded this I would have deleted it within 10 minutes.

Paul Manchester

It's a shame that Quantum Siege is always online. Aside from that it's colourful and well presented with a relatively easy to follow tutorial. However, it's definitely not a good fit for my small mobile device as the text and buttons were far too small.

The characters gave the game some life and interest, and the ability to rotate the battle environment was a great way of adapting an RTS onto mobiles.
But any game that has Gems, timers, or always online ruins the experience for me. If you have single player content then it should be possible to play offline.

Ed Davis

Quantum Siege doesn't feel overwhelming but there's still so much to do. Being given the option for daily events, story mode, or arena is a great option, and for those without much time in their hands, the short battles make for a great coffee break.

The graphics and sound effects are fantastic. A lot of time has clearly gone into them. The story mode for is the best part though. It's pacey and gripping, and I don't feel like I'm grinding to get to each final boss battle as each level is quick.

Although there is a lot of control over where to aim turrets, it would be good if you had the option to tell chosens where to go. The game would be too overwhelming if you could do it with every character but just to be able to pinpoint them exactly where you want them on the map would be great.

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