Updated October 30th, 9:20 AM - Apologies, dear readers. It's not Sunday anymore but technology decided to go against me this weekend in the midst of moving and didn't post this magical summary.

So, it may be a day late, but here's what happened last week.

It's Sunday, one and all, and it's time for the Hot Five - one of the finest times of the week.

We've had a some good news and great news and a heck of a lot of Animal Crossing news, but let's take a look at the five most-loved pieces from throughout the week.

Not long 'til Lineage 2 Revolution

During Twitchcon last week, not only did Lineage 2 Revolution get some live demos of its upcoming move, but it was also revealed it's coming on November 15th. Check out the full article if you want to check out more videos, but it's looking interesting to say the least and judging from those Facebook likes a good lot of you are pretty stoked about it.

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Endless Dungeon: Dragon Saga slays

If you dig a fleshed-out RPG, you might want to keep an eye on EDDS for those boredom-shaking week nights and long lunch breaks. As the name suggests, the primary focus here are dragons and your ability (or inability) to defeat them in battle.

Sheltered makes an appearance

Team 17 threw us through a loop with this one as their popular survival game Sheltered arrived on iOS and Android. Part post-apocalyptic survival game, part management sim, it's all about balance and risk as you make some questionable moral choices for your new 'family'.

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Switch sales! 3DS sales!

If you'd love a bit of money knocked off the games you've been eyeing up, now's a good chance to go looking as a decent number of Switch and 3DS titles have gone on sale in the UK/US. You'll have until November 2nd to pick yourself up a bit of savin, so have a think.

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Get ready to Blocky Farm some stuff

Yes, it's been a long time coming and has proven to be well loved during its beta period, but Blocky Farm has finally launched. Now you'll be able to sew seeds, raise animals, drive yer trac'er, and make the locals happy with your wares all from the comfort of your own home, or coffee shop, or train, or bus, or hot air balloon.

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My goodness, would you look at the time? It's the end of the weekend again but don't fret. Monday should be kind, Tuesday a little longer, Wednesday the longest, and it's all up-hill from there.

Until next Sunday, folks.