In Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, you’ll be spending most of your time fulfilling requests for the animal campers on your campsite, but of course, those pesky animals will be demanding you do some busy work for them…

Here you’ll find out the best ways and locations to scour for shells, fish, insects and more.

Following our hunter-gatherer tips below to become king of your campsite.

She sells sea shells…

Of course, the method for grabbing sea shells in Pocket Camp is as straightforward as you could’ve possibly hoped; just head down to the beach, and tap on each sea shell to collect it.

Unlike fruit trees, sea shells don’t have a set timer of any sort, shells will just slowly and automatically appear on the beach again. When you leave the beach area and return, you’re likely to see a new shell or two each time.

Keep checking back if you need specific shells - they can also be earned by using Sea Nets, though this can require Leaf Tickets.

Fishing up a storm

You can find fish swimming in the ocean and rivers of Pocket Camp, and they’re just waiting for you to dangle your line in.

Just tap in front of the fish to cast your line there, and then tap again when the game tells you to reel it in - this will more often than not be on the third time the fish goes to bite your float, though they can do it on the first or second.

Just remember, sea fish are in the sea, river fish are in the river. Basically, the sea has no koi, and the river has no squid.

Too many legs…

Ahh insects, the many-legged friends you can capture in Animal Crossing. Thank goodness there’s no anthropomorphic insects in this game…

Luckily, you won’t have to search too far and wide in Pocket Camp to find insects, as they’re all found in a single area, along with a bunch of coconuts.

Like fishing, you want to tap your chosen insect and then tap again when the game tells you, just beware of your approach; crashing into a tree with an insect on it or bashing a butterfly will have them make an escape.

Fruit is good for you

You can find fruit in pretty much every area on Pocket Camp, and of course, you should be stocking up. It’s good for you, you know.

For the most part, fruit is only good for Villager Requests, but it’s good to make sure you’re fully stocked so trees can keep the fruit flow growing.

Fruit trees restock after about three hours, but if you’re impatient, you can speed up the process with fertiliser.

Material possessions

To get crafting all of those lovely bits of furniture you want, you’re going to need to stock up on materials.

Materials such as cotton, steel and such are all collected by fulfilling villager requests, and increasing your affinity with your villagers. Villager requests are basically the main gameplay loop of Pocket Camp, so you’ll be stocking up on these quickly.

Of course, if you’re missing some materials, you can trade Leaf Tickets for them - but, again, Leaf Tickets are a premium currency you might want to be careful with.

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