Spot It! Duel has been updated with another bunch of new content for iOS and Android.

And since that's the sort of thing we write about here at Table Tap, I thought I'd give you the skinny about what you can expect from the new bits and bobs.

The main focus of the new update is on speeding up multiplayer matches. There have been tweaks to animation times, and a new system of visual hints that shows you how well you're doing in a match at a glance.

This all combines to make the games far more free-flowing, letting you get to grips with matches quicker as well as adding a new level of understanding to your progress through the ranks.

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If that wasn't enough, there have been some new additions to your Dobbles too. You can quickly check out the Match power of the characters you've collected, which means you'll be able to figure out which is the strongest in no time flat.

Then there's a new star system which shows you which of your Dobbles are the rarest. These stars will change as you play, like the Match power numbers, so it's easy to figure out who you should be using in games.

There have been some changes to the Dobble profiles as well. Their powers are now shown off with a little video, and the description text has been simplified too.

You can expect more new content in the coming months as well.
So if that's something you'd like to get in on, you can download Spot It! Duel right now for iOS by clicking here, and for Android by clicking right here.

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