Animal Crossing has finally come to mobile devices with Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, and we fevered Animal Crossing fans are frothing at the mouth to expand our camp sites.

But if you’re new to Animal Crossing, some things might seem a wee bit baffling, and all of that will be explained here.

Whether it’s goals or requests, crafting or kudos, just take a look below to get the primer you need to start collecting everything in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.

Collect everything

As soon as you begin, you’ll see fruit in the trees, shells on the beach, and you’ll want to put absolutely all of it in your pockets.

Animals will regularly have requests for you, and if you’re fully stocked on fruit and shells, you’re likely to have fulfilled whatever request they have before even talking to them.

On top of that, shells and fruit respawn after a few hours, so leaving them on the tree will only make you wait longer for them to respawn.

Gotta catch ‘em all

Fruit and shells aren’t the only things to collect in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp though, you can also get hunting for insects and fishing for… erm, fish.

Fishing and bug catching is far easier than ever before - you’ll automatically take out your rod or net in an area with fish or bugs, and you can just tap the creature, and then tap again when the game says to catch them.

You can even catch them in bulk, using nets for rivers or at sea to catch lots of fish, and honey to attract insects to tree stumps.

Animals are your friends

Of course, as the name Animal Crossing would imply, being friends with animals is pretty important, and they’ll have plenty of requests for you.

As mentioned above, gathering fruit, shells, insects and fish will solve most requests, so stay stocked up on all of them, and regularly hunt down anything you might be missing, like a specific aquatic creature.

From the map screen, you’ll be able to see which animals are lurking in parts of the camp site, and if they’ve got a tick next to them, you have already completed their request, so go and hand it in!

Getting crafty

To make your camp site the best around, you’ll need to get some new furniture and decorate a bit. After all, a camp site is only as good as its amenities.

Crafting can take time, like, five hours. You only need small amounts of cotton, steel and wood to create furniture, and Cyrus the alpaca will happily put things together, although the wait time is long, and he can only make a single item at a time.

You can speed up the process or make him craft multiple things at once with Leaf Tickets, but these are a premium currency and you might want to spend them wisely.

You’ve got mail

Make sure you’re well stocked when it comes to materials by completing all of the Timed Goals and Stretch Goals. If you’re aiming to complete these, go for the Timed Goals as they are, well, timed.

You’ll complete goals for a great number of first-time interactions, such as fishing and the like - just tap the Isabelle icon on the right to look at the Goals currently available.

Once you’ve completed a goal, you need to check your mailbox which is where all your goal rewards will be hiding - that’s the icon above the Isabelle icon, and then the Mailbox icon. Make sure to collect these before they expire!

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