Want to play Pokemon GO with more dragons and less Rattata? Draconius GO might make your dreams come true... if you don't mind its glaring visual similarities.

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Like Pokemon GO you explore the fantasy world around you using AR and your own mobility to hunt down the 125 available monsters. Unlike Pokemon GO, it has features like Rifts to other worlds, regular quests, spells to enhance your creatures, non-Gym PvP battles (past level 9), and more.

Response on the web has so far been positive but also a little mixed. Understandably a lot of players are a little disconcerted by the fact the game's graphical design is very much like Niantic's title, but others feel like there are areas here which has been missed by it.

Check out this video by Trainer Tips to get an idea of the game. If you fancy downloading it, it's available free to play on the App Store or Google Play.