Ahh the day finally arrived where we received some long-awaited Animal Crossing news, but it's not completely what we'd thought it would be.

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Animal Crossing Pocket Camp wants you to gather resources, build up a campsite, and be the best campsite manager you can be. You'll travel around different local areas (a beach, a river, a forest, etc) and chat to the anthropomorphic folks that live nearby.

If you fetch them things that they want they'll reward you in return. If you then go on to build their favourite furniture back at your campsite they'll come to visit.

For the first time you'll be able to earn friendship points and improve your relationship with characters as time goes on. You'll also be able to gather resources through foraging, fishing, trading, and using the handy Leaf Tickets if you need some items or a job done ASAP.

The game takes place in real time, meaning that whenever you hop on it'll be that time of day in-game.

You can also nip off to do a bit of specialist shopping, do up your camper-van's interior, or head over to OK Motors to jazz up the outside of it.

If you find you don't have quite enough of the in-game currency, Bells, you don't just have to buy them outright with IAP. No, you can sell your minerals, bugs, and beach items helps you earn that sweet, sweet money you need to get the stuff you want.

Similar to Nintendo's past two mobile titles, you can meet friends and share your ID with them in-game too. This way you can visit other players' campsites, give them praise for their work, trade with them, and become friends if you want.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp arrives in late November on iOS and Android free to play. On top of the regular game there'll also be seasonal events which will arrive in a variety of updates. These won't last for long though.

What do you guys think about this big reveal? Let us know in the comments down below.