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You might remember a few weeks ago that we went hands-on with a game called Fightlings. It's a mix of Pokemon GO, a CCG, and the card game pairs. You can read all about it by clicking here.

Well if that got you interested, you might be even more interested to hear that a tabletop version of the game has just gone live on Kickstarter. This physical version obviously doesn't have the PGO trappings, but it still looks pretty darn interesting.

It's sort of a deck builder, but it also throws in card-battling elements. You're trying to find pairs of cards in a hidden deck, then using them to smack your opponent in the face until their hit points get down to zero.

Of course you're not actually hitting them in the face, because that would be crazy. Either way you can find out more about the game's crowd funding drive by clicking this link right here.