It's been a heck of a long time coming, but Greenheart Games' Game Dev Tycoon is finally on its way to mobile.

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If you haven't heard of it yet, Game Dev Tycoon is a simulator game where you start your own video game company in the 80s and play through the history of the gaming industry. Make best-sellers, invent new game genres, and research the latest technologies to make your games the best.
More interestingly, the game was originally made as a piracy experiment. Whoever pirated GDT would quickly go bankrupt in-game due to piracy rates and those players asked for more anti-piracy measures to be added to the game in response. Oh, the irony.

Originally released on Steam back in 2013, Greenheart Games announced that they'd be bringing the game to mobile in their blog post today. Apparently the mobile title will be an updated version, adding things to the story line, new topics, a new pirate mode, build-in recording and streaming support, and a re-designed user interface.

If you've already got the game on PC I wouldn't worry about missing out. All of these new features will also be brought to the Steam version as well.

Game Dev Tycoon will be a premium title on iPhone/iPad on November 28th, with an Android release and the PC update coming soon after.

Source: Killercow.