Oh, hey Switch enthusiasts! Remember when we thought DOOM was coming to the handy portable console in 2018? Yeah, it looks like it'll actually be arriving in November this year, so that's pretty great.

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DOOM is a first-person shooter returning as a modern-day experience, and a popular one at that. Originally released in May last year, this remake throws you straight in with all the demon-shooting, adjustable guns, and fluid movement you could possibly want as you race through the depths of Hell.

In a video released on Ninty's channel earlier today, Hugo Martin (Creative Director at id Software) and Marty Stratton (Executive Producer, id Software) sit down to talk us through what we can expect from the Switch version. They'll cover questions about single-player experience, multiplayer, performance, and other potential titles. Check it out above.

DOOM arrives on Nintendo Switch on November 10th, so prepare your arsenal. It's going to be a rough ride to Hell and back.