It may be a week late but the time is here, Android-users. You can now get stuck into Thimbleweed Park.

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Upon arriving into Thimbleweed Park, Special Agent Ray and Junior Agent Reyes have their work cut out for them in this classic point and click adventure. In a run-down town filled with strange people, a burnt-out pillow factory, and a murder to solve, this case might not be as easy to solve as you thought.

Meet five main characters, from a bad-mouthed clown to a ghost that just wants to speak to his daughter. They may not go together but they are connected somehow, and the night's only going to get longer as you try to unravel the mystery.

We gave Thimbleweed Park PG's prestigious Gold Award in its review, so we liked it a lot. If you fancy picking it up on Android you can get it on Google Play now for £8.99.