With this, the month of horror, it feels fitting that Shiver Games released a quirky take on their popular RPG, Lucius, and it's out right now on Android.

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Lucius Demake is heavily inspired by 1970s horror films and reminiscent of 1980s point and click adventures. If you don't know the story behind Lucius yet, it's all about killing off your whole household with supernatural and satanic power.

Avoid the snooping detective and try to keep a low profile as you head from room to room, cleverly killing off everyone available from the maid to your own parents. Only, this time you get to experience it all in pixel-form.

If that's not too dark for you and you're looking for something spooky this October, grab Lucius Demake on Google Play now for £2.59.
Thanks Killercow for the heads up.