Pooka: Magic and Mischief is a cutesy game starring magical, shape-shifting creatures, and will be coming to mobile in a couple of weeks.

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Pooka: Magic and Mischief is an open-world adventure where you can design and create your own furry Pooka to lead into battle. As a more phonetic play on the Welsh word 'Pwca', a shape-shifting creature found in Celtic mythology, you'll get to decide whether you'll look harmless or deadly, and play nice or be a bit of a trickster in your playthrough.

After a dreadful Gloom has settled across the land, it's up to you and the friends you make along the way, to help bring the light back. You'll be going up against Gloomfang and his creepy underlings, the Coblin, and their contraptions as you journey through the Otherworld's floating islands.

Shape-shift into other animals to stealth through different situations, summon your flying unicorn, Galaca, and shoot rainbows at your enemies to make them dance with joy, collect over 180 parts to truly customise your character, and more.

Suitable for the whole family, Pooka: Magic and Mischief is slated to drop on iOS and Android November 20th.