I say it every time and I'll say it every week until I'm either let go, get eaten by my cat, or the world simply ends: I can't believe it's Sunday again.

The days just seem to be flying past this year and with only a few months to go until we see the rear end of 2017 (good riddance), it's time to take a look at what's been flaming hot this time around.

Stardew Valley's super swift launch

In lieu of this being a week filled with bad luck personally, Stardew Valley actually made me, and evidently a lot of people, smile by announcing it'd be coming to Switch on October 5th, just in time for the Harvest Moon. Whatever stuff is going on in your lives at the moment, just know that there's nothing quite so relaxing as farming on the go... unless there's a catfish on the end of your fishing rod which keeps eating your bait.

Clash Royale gets touchy

Yes, Clash Royale's upcoming game mode Touchdown will be stripping back pretty much everything that makes the Clash arenas so iconic. As explained in Supercell's podcast, Radio Royale, the aim of Touchdown is a 2v2 battler where you need to get your team onto your opponent's line before they reach yours. It's easier said than done and twice as fun and frustrating.

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In Ninty's recent Switch presentation we learnt that Bethesda is keen on continuing to work on bringing more titles to Switch, and this week the chaps over at GameXplain brought us twenty delightfully bloody minutes of off-screen, undocked footage for us to bite into. It's looking good so far, so let's hope it delivers come 2018.

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Dragon Project is basically Monster Hunter

I know it's NOT Monster Hunter but you're picking from five classes, leading your team into the wilderness, and slaying monsters. Our own Harry Slater thought it was alright and gave it Pocket Gamer's Bronze Award, and it's free to play regardless so you can see if it's for you or no without committing. How lovely.

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Stranger Things: The Game is strangely good

Now for the most surprising title of the week, Stranger Things: The Game appeared out of nowhere as a totally free title and just blew us all out of the water. Yeah, it's a little repetitive and there are a few areas you've got to be careful of later in the game (like running out of ammo), but for what's essentially a big ol' advert for ST: Season Two, it's a fully fledged arcade game and likely runs at over 5/6 hours long.

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That's it for another Hot Five, ladies and gents, and oh how I'll count the days until I can talk to you again.

I mean, I talk to you all every day being the News Writer, but not with this super chill 'it's the weekend' vibe, and I kinda dig it every once in a while.

So have a couple of drinks, watch an awful film or play a semi-decent game, because Monday's coming for you. But, before you know it it'll be time to chat again.

And on that note: until next Sunday, folks.