Just to spice things up a bit, Spooky Games has a lovely, lighthearted game for us all about earning followers and using them as sacrifices. Yes, alright that's sarcasm, but it looks like quite a neat game nonetheless.

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Sacrifices is a god-like resource management sim which describes its fundamental goal in its name. Based in the Mesoamerican era, you play as a long-forgotten god who takes up the chance to rise again and gather a string of faithful followers. Guide your followers through everyday live and decide who among them is worthy of your great power.

Using sacrifice as the main draw of the game isn't exactly a winning idea, but it's all done in low-poly graphics and with some somewhat dry humour. Since you can't just go off murdering everyone, the game requires balance and a keen eye for city building. Push your followers too far and you might just get denounced.

Sacrifices officially launches on iOS and Android this Saturday, October 7th and will be free to play. Check it out on Google Play already.