It feels like every little look at Shadowgun Legends makes the wait feel longer and longer, but the new trailer shows off the game in all its glory.

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If you're a little out of the loop, Shadowgun Legends is the upcoming first-person shooter by Madfinger Games. In it you'll have to fight to save mankind from a deadly invader, build your Legend with the game's Fame system, and play around with hundreds of gear combinations and possibilities to tailor the gameplay how you like it.

They pack a lot into 45 seconds here as we're shown quick snippets of footage from the single-player campaign, multiplayer cooperative mode, some lobby-based malarky (including dancing), multiple different armour/costume examples, competitive team-based PvP, more lobby malarky, and finally a big, bad boss.

As I'm sure you know, you can still sign up to the beta here. Unfortunately I still don't know when that's supposed to happen or when the game may be coming to iOS and Android.

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