At Nintendo's last presentation, you may have noticed two major titles arriving on the Switch next year: Wolfenstein II and Doom. Well, GameXplain has some deliciously lengthy footage for Doom that's making the wait a little unbearable.

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DOOM is a first-person, modern day shooter absolutely packed with devious demons, intensely destructive guns, and fast-paced gameplay. The main goal: just take on as many demons hordes as you can while you travel through the depths of Hell.

Whether you want to play the single player campaign or take on the multiplayer mode against your friends, use skill, weapons, movement, and power-ups to achieve unquestionable victory... and bragging rights against salty compadres.

The latest footage may not have been shot in the most direct way possible, but we can see that the game so far runs fluidly, is responsive, and is generally gorgeous through and through. Unfortunately we've still got a bit of a wait until DOOM hits the Switch, but I'm sure it'll be worth it.

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