It's been a pretty good year so far for digital board games, so I thought now was a good time to round up the cream of the crop. These games are all well worth your attention, and if you haven't played any of them yet then now's the perfect time.

If you've got your own favourite that we've missed off the list, feel free to stick it in the comments at the bottom of the article. In the meantime though, let's get this show on the road.

Age of Rivals

A brilliant, condensed card game that sees you taking control of an empire. It's slickly presented, and perfectly formed for mobile play.

At review we gave it a Silver Award and said "Age of Rivals isn't perfect, but it's definitely worth your time all the same."


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At the other end of the card game spectrum, Jaipur is a deep and engaging game about trading diamonds and other items in ancient India.

This one got a Silver Award too and we called it "a fast-paced card game that's far more interesting than its source material might suggest."

Miracle Merchant

The third game in the Card Crawl universe. This one's about mixing together potions for adventurers. It looks lovely, and there's real depth to the card-laying mechanic.

It got a Silver Award too and we called it "a sharp and entertaining game of mixing potions and clearing cards."

Bottom of the 9th

A board game that tries to capture the sport of baseball. And to be honest it works really well. Even if you don't understand American rounders there's a whole heap of content to stick your teeth into here.

It got another Silver Award, and we called it "a brilliant and entertaining board game that's going to appeal to a broad range of people."

Eight-minute Empire

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Another game designed perfectly for mobile play. The games really do take less than ten minutes, but there's still an awful lot of choices you're going to have to make.

Yet again this one got a Silver Award at review, and we called it "a bright and super smart board game adaptation that won't suck hours out of your day."

Through the Ages

At the other end of the scale, Through the Ages is an enormous game. It requires you to sit down, take some time out of your day, and try and figure out all of its intricacies.

Still, it got a Silver Award, and we said "this isn't one for the faint of heart, but if you're looking for a board game to really get lost in, Through The Ages is going to be right up your street."

Ticket to Ride: First Journey

A slightly squished down version of the classic board game. It's designed for quick family play, but there's still a lot going on here. Perfect for all ages really.

At review - you guessed it - it got a Silver Award. And we said "it might not be as complex as the original, but there's still an awful lot to like here."

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