Ticket to Ride: First Journey is a great way to introduce people to digital board games. But what game should you get them to play after they've got the bug?

It's a good question, so we thought we'd put together a list of three games you should show your board gaming newcomers after you've played Ticket to Ride: First Journey for a few hours.

Ticket to Ride

It makes sense that the next step in a board gaming career should be the more advanced version of Ticket to Ride. It's a brilliant game, and it expands on everything players will have learned in First Journey.

It's a good deal deeper, and a lot more complex, but players that are comfortable with First Journey are going to have the best foundation for getting the most out of the more grown-up version.

Colt Express

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An action-packed board game of trains and thieves. It's super smart, deep without being excessive, and let's you engage in some quick-fire shenanigans.

The bright colours make the game super-welcoming, and the simple mechanics bely an experience that's chock full of possibilities.

Eight-Minute Empire

Rather than chucking your new board gamer in at the deep end, Eight-Minute Empire is a great introduction to the more expansive end of the board game world.

You really can build up your own empire in eight minutes, and the simple rules allow for some really clever strategic moves.

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