The Machines is probably the big AR release of the past couple of days. It's definitely the best looking game that you can grab for your iOS 11 powered device.

And it's actually pretty good. You're going to need a bit of space to play it, but the game underneath the AR shenanigans is essentially a new take on the mobile MOBA.

There are giant robots, there are cool battlefields, and while it might not be the freshest experience out there, the AR twist at least makes things interesting.

Rise of the robots

The game takes place across futuristic wastelands. Essentially this is the game board. It's covered with various towers and control points.

You need to guide your hero through this mass of destructive possibility, using special moves and calling in ordnance in order to defeat your foes.

You're controlling a reticle by moving your phone around. You can move about the battlefield, and you'll need to. Lumps of scenery block your view, and you'll miss out on the action if you don't move.

The reticle is also used to target the things you want to attack. It snaps on quite nicely, letting you worry about what units you're going to drop or moves you're going to use.

And the game definitely looks slick. The robots are chunky, the battlefields are alive, and everything is easy to navigate.

You are going to need a decent amount of room to play this one, though. I'd recommend playing it on a large floor space or table to get the most out of it.

Robbie the robot

The Machines isn't quite the killer app that AR gaming needs, but it's definitely an entertaining and engaging experience. The violence is thick and meaty, and there's a good level of strategy here.

If you've only got enough money to spend on one AR game, then I'd probably make it this one. Just don't expect it to completely blow your mind like the people in the trailer.