This tripped me out a bit to realise Dunkers has been out for a year already, but hey either way Dunkers 2 will be arriving on iOS next week and it's looking good.

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Yes, the basketball boys and girls are back with a vengence, this time with a revamped art style and more choices to play around with. Just to summarise quickly, Dunkers is a wild basketball game about stealing the ball from your opponent and scoring points, and Dunkers 2 follows that thread.

Aside from the striking new art style and backgrounds, it looks like there's been some changes to the game. The referee has been taken out, there are new effects like explosions and glass breaking for dunks, and there's a whole roster of new characters/balls to use. These range from anthropomorphic characters to humans to robots, plus everything from a bowling ball to a watermelon.

There's no specific date for its release just yet, but it's likely Dunkers 2 will release sometime around September 28th on iOS. We'll let you know when the game drops.