100 million sounds like a number someone's just made up to get a rise, but Fallout Shelter reached it... and surpassed it. It's certainly worth celebrating.

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Before we get down to the nitty-gritty, here's some pretty staggering facts about Bethesda's popular management sim. 100 million players is one thing, but in that number there have been 7.5 billion game sessions played for more than 385 million hours.

Starting tomorrow, Overseers can log in each day for the next five days to receive some pretty epic rewards daily. With up to $10-worth of in-game loot up for grabs, some rewards include Lunchboxes, Nuka Cola Quantum, and special items to help you survive the wasteland.

Grab the game if you haven't got it already free to play on the App Store or Google Play. The event will run from September 15th through to September 20th.