If you're a big fan of The Binding of Isaac, you may want to keep an eye on The Legend of Bum-Bo, a sort-of prequel in its story at least.

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Earlier this week, developer Edmund McMillen Tweeted out a Tumblr post showing off what we can all expect from his upcoming game. It'll be a match-four-style experience which revolves around 'the movement points that you have based on your character's dexterity'.

By matching four or more of the piece types, you'll eventually be able to build up your store of specific mana and use it to cast spells, or to combine into a 'puzzle spell'. The more of the same item that you match up, the more powerful your puzzle spells will be. That may sound a little confusing, but have a good read at how McMillen explains it on his blog and you'll get it in no time.

There's no particular date set yet, but The Legend of Bum-Bo should be coming to iOS sometime in December, with a Switch release possibly coming next year.

Source: Twitter.