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After speculation and hints back in June, it's now been definitively confirmed: the auto-running platforming of Super Meat Boy Forever will be leaping onto Nintendo Switch next year.

While the original Meatboy was always reduced to a splatter of gore when running into an enemy, Forever's version (nor the playable Bandage Girl) is not so defenseless. Touting a two-button control scheme, you can leap, punch, dive, and slide through enemies and challenging saw-filled gauntlets.

Levels will be procedurally generated from hand-crafted sections, offering bosses to defeat and secrets to uncover, all carefully designed around the game's simple dual button system. Survive a level and it will be continually reconstructed as a harder version when you replay.

Super Meat Boy Forever is slated to release in 2018 on Switch, iOS, Android, Steam, and other consoles.