Yesterday's Nindies Summer Showcase certainly showed off what delicious indie titles are on their way in the next six months or so.

Some of them we knew were coming, whilst others were a bit of a surprise, but there was a good range of platformers, shooters, puzzlers, and more to keep us busy for a while yet.

Super Meat Boy Forever

Developer: Team Meat
ETA: 2018

After Dr. Fetus kidnaps Meat Boy and Bandage Girl's little nugget baby, the two determined parents set off on a mighty quest to reclaim their spawn.

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Shovel Knight: King of Cards

Developer: Yacht Club Games
ETA: Early 2018

The Shovel Knight series at last comes to a close with this final instalment. Travel through four new worlds with over 30 new courses, and learn King Knights' grand tale of how he ascended the throne.

Mom Hid My Game

Developer: Kemco
ETA: Q4 2017

The title is very much self-explanatory here. Your mum's hidden your precious games console, so it's time to go on the hunt for it. Find the game in each of the 50 levels in this room-escape style puzzler.

Golf Story

Developer: Sidebar Games
ETA: September 2017

Play golf across eight different courses whilst also exploring a serious story chocked full of interesting characters. Live in the shoes of a golfer forced to give up all that he holds dear for one last shot at glory.

Floor Kids

Developer: MERJ Media
ETA: Holiday 2017

This unique break dancing game lets you show off your moves in style featuring dance battles, funky fresh beats, freestyle gameplay, and striking hand-drawn visuals.

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Developer: Fully illustrated/Darkwind Media
ETA: September

Wulverblade is a classic side-scrolling beat 'em up/action platformer for up to two players, set in ancient Roman Britain.

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Poly Bridge

Developer: Dry Cactus Ltd.
ETA: Holiday 2017

Unleash your inner-engineer in this physics-based, bridge-building puzzler. There are over 100 campaign levels and a sandbox mode to keep you busy.

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Kentucky Route Zero TV Edition

Developer: Cardboard Computer
ETA: Q1 2018

After an antique furniture delivery driver tries to deliver his shop's last piece, he gets lost and meets a plethora of colourful characters along the nocturnal highways, rivers, country roads of Kentucky. Oh, and the mysterious and secret Route Zero.

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Earth Atlantis

Developer: Pixel Perfex
ETA: Autumn 2017

After the great climate shift struck at the end of the 21st century, 96% of the earth's surface has been flooded, machines have evolved into the shape of marine animals, and humanity has fallen. You play as a Hunter in this side-scrolling shooter and pretty much everything's out to get you.

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Next Up Hero

Developer: Digital Continue
ETA: Q1 2018

Much like the name suggests, Next Up Hero is an action adventure game driven by Community Continue where players will take turns fighting, reviving fallen comrades, and dying lots, against hard-as-hell monsters and big bosses.

Steamworld Dig 2

Developer: Image & Form International
ETA: September 21st 2017

Get ready to dig into this eagerly-awaited sequel to the platform metroidvania-like Steamworld Dig. Running short on time you, a plucky little steambot, and your unlikely companion must explore treacherous caves and gather riches before it's too late.

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Developer: Lienzo
ETA: 2018

Malaka is a 3D action game built around Mexico's stunning landscapes and based on the indigenous culture of the Tarahumara. Embark on the journey of a SukurĂșame (a Tarahumaran shaman) and try to defeat the foulness corrupting the land.

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Yono the Celestial Elephant

Developer: Neckbolt
ETA: October 12th 2017

This adorable adventure game lets you play a Yono, a young elephant tasked to save a world he's never seen before. Solve puzzles, hunt treasure, and get into a few scraps in a land where humans, zombies, and robots live side-by-side.

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Dragon Marked for Death

Developer: INTI Creates Co., LTD.
ETA: Winter 2017

Dragon MFD is a 2D side-scrolling action RPG where up to four players can fight through 30 quests in local or online co-op.

Battle Chef Brigade

Developer: Trinket Studios
ETA: Holiday 2017

Take up arms as a fantastical chef and head out on a quest to hunt for ingredients before, y'know, cooking them up into something utterly delicious. BCB is one part combo-based action hunting, one part puzzle-based cooking, and overall entertaining.

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Morphies Law

Developer: Cosmoscope
ETA: Winter 2017

Morphies Law is a body-morphing 3D shooter where both season veterans with mad skills and total noobs can play together without wanting to tear each other apart. Each time you hit an enemy player, one of your limbs will grow in size whilst the person who got hit shrinks down. It sounds confusing, but check out the team's official website here where they explain it in greater detail.

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Sausage Sports Club

Developer: Luckshot Games
ETA: Autumn 2017

Sausage Sports Club follows adorable, floppy-necked creatures as they take part in a reality sports TV show. Take on up to eight friends in free play where you'll play silly but fun mini games, like capture the flag. Or, take on up to three other player in Adventure mode where things are a little more serious.

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Light Fingers

Developer: Numizmatic
ETA: Q1 2018

After a night of thieving of course you should try to win more swag from your friends in this procedurally-generated, turn-based, multiplayer portable board game.

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Nine Parchments

Developer: Frozenbyte
ETA: Holiday 2017

Head on a grand quest with up to three other players as you, a team of wannabe wizards, skip their training, head out on the road, and try to blag your way through battles on the search for the legendary Nine Parchments.

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No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again

Developer: Grasshopper Manufacture
ETA: 2018

Seven years after the events of No More Heroes, The Bat is back to take vengeance on Travis for the murder of his daughter, Bat Girl. Before they can really get into it, the two are inhaled by the phantom game console Death Drive Mark 2. To get out you've got to beat all six games and their bosses, or just live out your days as a computer character.

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