Earlier this week, we chatted about Swipe Casters coming 'sometime soon' and lo and behold we've gotten a release date, those jammy bunch.

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In Swipe Casters your biggest asset is your own finger as you've got to match patterns, cast spells, and defeat your enemies before the timer runs out.

Or, if you want the full details:

  • Cast powerful spells with a single finger
  • Simple and intuitive gesture drawing gameplay
  • Earn heaps of coin to upgrade your casters
  • Unlock full silver set to get an extra life
  • Unlock staffs and improve your casters power
  • Up to 4 unique and different casters to choose from
  • Defeat as many enemies as you can with 'Soul Strike' special attacks

Swipe Casters arrives on iOS August 30th. We'll let you know when it drops.