Today it was announced that the PlayStation cult classic, Fear Effect, would be returning as Fear Effect Reinvented to console, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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Developed by French studio Sushee, and with the help of Square Enix, Fear Effect Reinvented will apparently be a true-to-form remake with improved graphics and controls. Though there's always a bit of uncertainty around classic remakes, it looks like FER might be more than a bit alright from the state of the teaser trailer.

After their boss' daughter goes missing, a trio of assassins in Hong Kong are sent to get her back. Of course, the classic game featured starchy, cel-shaded graphics and the fixed camera angles we hate to love and love to hate, so it'll be interesting where FER stands in that regard.

We've got a while until we find out as the game's not due out until sometime in 2018.