Earlier this year we saw that Stardew Valley, including multiplayer, was on its way to Nintendo Switch and it was pretty dang exciting.

While Chucklefish has been a little radio silent these past few months, we finally found out today that the game release date won't be announced until it's ready to go.

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Stardew Valley may be a farming game, but it's a farming game with a hell of a lot of quirks, charm, and personality. Following the death of your grandfather, you inherit his farm and get to work making it your own - whilst also making pals with the locals.

It may not be one for the action-oriented, fast-paced gamers out there, but it's one of the best games to play for de-stressing or for escaping reality for a little bit. Not only do you get to mine minerals, take on creatures, farm your land, and grow your food, you can also rear livestock, go fishing, strike up bonds with your neighbours, find love, and forage through different seasons.

As WillTheLion linked on Reddit earlier today, when asked about the Switch release date Tom Coxon states: "We're waiting until we're absolutely certain before we share the release date. Don't want to disappoint if testing turns something up."

Hopefully we won't have to wait too much longer, but I'm with the majority here - better a finished game that takes a little longer than a rushed game with a shoddy port.