Final Fantasy on mobile is both a successful venture and an expensive one as the prices range from the lower £5/$5ish to a pricier £15/$15. But, if you've yet to dabble in the franchise on mobile and fancy giving it a go, now might be a good time.

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From now (August 15th) until August 24th, select Final Fantasy titles are currently 50% off on iOS and Android. Check them out below.

Also iOS-users before you invest, remember that we've had no confirmation as to whether the FF games will be iOS 11-friendly come the app-ocalypse later this year. Android-users, you're all good.

  • Final Fantasy - App Store (£3.99), Google Play (£3.39)
    • Initially released in Japan in 1987, the original FINAL FANTASY amazed audiences with its rich story and stunning graphics.

  • Final Fantasy II - App Store (£3.99), Google Play (£3.39)
    • The game features the bitter and beautiful tale of four war-orphaned heroes who become embroiled in a conflict between the hostile Empire of Palamecia and the rebel resistance.

  • Final Fantasy III - App Store (£4.99), Google Play (£5.99)
    • When darkness falls and the land is robbed of light, four youths are chosen by the crystals to set forth on a journey to save the world.

  • Final Fantasy IV: The After Years - App Store (£6.99), Google Play (£7.49)
    • Take part in the epic sequel that unfolds nearly two decades after the events of FINAL FANTASY IV. Classic characters make their return alongside several new heroes, such as Ceodore, son of Cecil and Rosa.

  • Final Fantasy V - App Store (£6.99), Google Play (£7.49)
    • Embark on an epic adventure as four heroes driven together by fate: Bartz and his chocobo companion, Princess Lenna of Castle Tycoon, the mysterious Galuf, and the pirate captain Faris.

  • Final Fantasy VI - App Store (£6.99), Google Play (£7.49)
    • Set in a fantasy world with a technology level equivalent to that of the Second Industrial Revolution, the game's story focuses on a group of rebels as they seek to overthrow an imperial dictatorship. The game features fourteen permanent playable characters, the most of any game in the main series.

  • Final Fantasy Dimensions - App Store (First arc free, £6.99 for the full lot), Google Play (£6.99)
    • Drawing upon the roots of the series with such features as beautiful 2-D pixel art, a battle system involving job change-based character growth and ability combinations, and a classic story, FFD delivers the best of FF, retro and fresh alike, directly to you.

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