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Cityglitch is a turn-based puzzler that packs a whole bunch of clever mechanics into a tight package, currently available on iOS and Android.

Your goal is simply to save a haunted cyberpunk city from specters and other evil creatures, by lighting up special runes to banish your enemies. Every hazard and monster moves in conjunction with you, forcing you to carefully plan each movement to avoid stepping into their path.

That is no easy task, since enemies turn off runes if they pass over them and every stage is a crapped grid of barriers, traps, and monsters. To succeed, you must manipulate each creature's unique behavior to block each other or create openings to maneuver.

There are no tutorials to be found across cityglitch's 95 levels; you must learn how each hazard moves through observation and experimentation.

Cityglitch can be purchased for £2.99 / $2.99 on the App Store and Google Play.