Wow, the last time we talked about The Girl Who Sold the World was back in February, but it's good news today. The game's first chapter will be launching on iOS and Android tomorrow.

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The Girl Who Sold the World is a truly interesting concept as it throws out the usual rulebook and tries out something a little different. You have to connect with a girl called Francis and try to help her survive the strange world she's found herself in.

By tossing out graphics, this audio adventure game relies mostly on sound to deliver a quality story. You'll also have to solve logic puzzles and make empathetic choices across seven chapters to shape the story, so try to choose your path wisely to avoid killing your main lass.

Bear in mind that TGWSTW isn't a game for the visually impaired as of current, but it might be a possibility in the future depending on the success of the chapters' releases.

TGWSTW: Chapter One will be available on the App Store and Google Play tomorrow, August 15th.
Source: TA Forum.