After much lead up and excitement the long-awaited Cat Quest has finally arrived on iOS.

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Take on the isometric adventure of nine lifetimes as you attempt to rescue your sister from the evil Drakoth, and cross Felingard's purr-ilous but pretty world while you're at it. Tear your way through dungeons, loot the spoils, and help your paw-tners out in the many side quests.

In fact there's over 60 side quests and 60 dungeons which, alongside the main quest, offers up over 15 hours of content. Plus tons of loot, striking graphics, and an exciting story to follow.

We gave it Pocket Gamer's Silver Award in its review, so check that out if you're on the fence. Otherwise head on over to the App Store now and grab Cat Quest for £4.99/$4.99.

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