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Summer is creeping towards its inevitable end, but the bright sunny Swim Out might help extend that pooltime fun a bit longer, as you puzzle your way through strategic aquatic challenges.

Your blue-suited swimmer wants to get out of the water, but all manner of other pool patrons are between you and the ladder, across 100 levels. You only need to time your movements to move around their carefully synchronized patterns to react the exit.

Strip away the poolside beach chairs, the backstroking swimmers and fellow kayakers, the simmering water, and you're left with a strategic puzzler all about positioning, timing, and figuring how to evade patrols and hazards flawlessly.

Different swimmers all have varied but predictable movement patterns, while barriers and tools like the water gun introduce new mechanics and tricky gauntlets to weave through, one stroke at a time.

Swim Out is available for limited-time launch price of £1.99/$1.99 on the App Store and Google Play.