Egglia is a mobile exclusive JRPG developed by a team of industry veterans. It's got talent from the likes of Kingdom Hearts, Mother, and Mana behind it. So, in theory, this should be the JRPG to end all JRPGs - a super JRPG, if you will.

It's about a goblin who loses his horns so turns all nice, then meets an elf who's trying to save the world. That involves finding a bunch of golden eggs that house pieces of the world.

So you agree to help and head off to battle monsters and gather resources. This is all done on grid-based levels. You take turns moving along the grid, attacking monsters and picking up resources. You have to roll dice to determine how far you can move.

You spend resources on village upgrades, unlocking and upgrading spirits that grant you special abilities, and giving gifts to villagers to make them like you more. As you meet more people, they'll move into your village.

At review, we weren't enormously taken by Egglia, giving it a five and saying: "Egglia is a gorgeous if uninspiring JRPG that really doesn't do enough to justify the steep price tag".

We also asked the App Army what they thought, and here's what they had to say.

Laura Egri

Board gamers and RPG fans will have lots of fun with this - it's a nice mix of genres. The story, dialogue, and characters are the best part of the game.

The dice-based movement is nice and the spirit companions are like a classic RPG party. Quests and collectables also play a big part. A bit of everything that impressively works.

The final result for me after a long weary day was a very refreshing experience, as you can play at your own rhythm, simply relax, and enjoy the merry gang acting.

Ed Davis

My first impressions of Egglia are positive. I'm a fan of JRPGs and this one lives up to them. Graphically it's great and the audio is nice. It's fairly simple to pick up and play and the storyline is engaging and fun.

There is a lot of dialogue (as with any JRPG) but it does help the story move on well.

The game doesn't feel like a chore to play but I wouldn't say this is a 'quick coffee break game'. You have to commit time to it to fully immerse yourself into it, but that was always the point of this type of game.

Tom-Donna Clark

I have to admit I'm not much of a fan of RPG's, but this one is pretty engrossing. The graphics are great the story is really good - will be keeping a hold of this for a while for sure.

Great job on this. It's definitely worth the cost and I highly recommend it.

Oksana Ryan

Egglia is a quaint game. The graphics are perfect for this type of game, the background music isn't annoying, and the gameplay is easy to follow. There's a good deal of reading between the dice rolling action, which is normal for this type of game, but it may put some people off.

I found the narrative enjoyable and in places witty. Judging by the pace at which I've been going, it's not a game to play if you only have ten minutes to spare. A lot of time needs to be invested to get the most out of it, but I think it's worth the effort.

Quincy Jones

Well I'm going in another direction from the others because I was bored out of my mind by Egglia.

The game looks beautiful and the gameplay is pretty simple to handle but I found it lacking and I wasn't really interested in the storyline or any of the characters.

While moving with the roll of a dice was good, building your town wasn't. I understand them wanting to have a lot of elements to appeal to a wide audience but I was struggling to stay awake after the first 30 minutes. The tutorial was too drawn out and an hour later I was still not impressed.

I've played a few JRPGs and they're usually hit or miss. In this case, at least for me, it's a miss. And honestly having the game need internet connection to work was a huge letdown.

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