If you like cats and you like birds then on paper you'll probably be rather fond of Cat Bird, Raiyumi's adorable upcoming iOS game.

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In Cat Bird, you've got to guide your new pal across perilous (and pretty) landscapes to get back home, but it won't be easy. With obstacles like pits, traps, saw blades, and more in your way, you'll have to watch your back, front, and sides if you want to get away in one piece.

It may be a joy to look at, but hopefully there'll be more to it than its outward aesthetics. Apparently there are 40 levels to get through, including three badass boss fights, a Time Trial mode, a striking soundtrack, and achievements/leaderboards to keep an eye on.
Cat Bird arrives on iPhone and iPad on August 24th. We'll let you know when the game drops.

Source: Twitter.