Miracle Merchant is the latest game from Card Crawl dev Tiny Touch Tales. It follows hot on the heels of Card Thief, which took the CC template and added some stealth.

This time round though you're not adventuring, you're mixing together special magical draughts for the heroes of the realm. And it's an awful lot of fun.

Warriors and warlocks wander into your shop. They want a specific type of potion, but they also want it to have their favourite ingredient in it.

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You've got four piles of card, each representing a different attribute. Chuck four of them together, mix something up, and give it to the probably doomed adventurer.

There are twists galore though, including black evil ingredients that will mess up your mixtures. You need to make sure you're getting paid for each concoction you're making, and if you don't it's game over.

Miracle Merchant is out right now, and you can grab it for iOS by clicking this link here. If you're a gamer of a Google persuasion, you can buy it for Android by clicking here.

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