This year's Big Indie Pitch at ChinaJoy was a tough contest, but the emotive puzzler Abi managed to take home first prize.

That left Dungeon x Balls and Drive Ahead! to take second and third place respectively.

Read on to learn more about the runners up at The Big Indie Pitch at ChinaJoy 2017.

Dungeon x Balls

Dungeon x Balls is a smart combination of pinball, puzzler, and monster battler. You play as three sisters who control the powers of fire, ice, and earth who are heading deep into a dungeon seeking treasure.

Each stage in the game is a single room in this dungeon, and as you can expect they're each full of monsters.

So the girls turn into pinballs, and you fire them at the monsters to kill them. Meanwhile, there are traps to avoid, puzzles to solve, and hidden switches to press.

If you fancy giving your brain a workout, go and grab it on iOS or Android right now.

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Drive Ahead!

Drive Ahead!
is a hectic, free for all car battler that pits up to 50 cars against each other in a fight to the crash and burn.

You'll ram, smash, and take out cars while they try and do the same to you. And there are a variety of vehicles to do so in, from monster trucks to alien saucers.

If you like your games absolutely crazy and violent, go and grab it right now on iOS or Android.